Pricing Your Home

Pricing Your Home -What are the two most important factors?

Price and condition are the two most important factors in selling a home, even in a down market. Pricing Your Home right is the most important in my opinion; the condition should already be good when you list. Hopefully, you have maintained your home in an ongoing manner. 


Pricing Your Home

  • The first step is to price your home correctly. Use comparative sales information (CMA) from your agent, or pay for a professional appraiser (usually $300 to $500), to objectively evaluate your home’s worth.
  • Second, go through the house and repair any obvious cosmetic defects that could deter a buyer. In a down market, you may have to consider lowering your price and/or making a major repair, such as replacing the roof, to lure a buyer.

Pricing Your Home

  • Also, make sure that your home is getting the exposure it deserves through internet marketing, social media marketing, advertising, good signage and a listing on the local multiple listing service.

[P]ricing Your Home correctly will get you to SOLD much more quickly. You won’t be hanging out watching all the other homes go under contract while you’re still sitting there.

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