Port Of Prints Promotional Solutions

Port Of Prints Promotional Solutions in New Port Richey, FL is the place to go for all your advertising Port Of Prints New Port Richey FLneeds. They have everything and get you printed on whatever you need. After all, their motto is “We think in Ink and Keep You in Stitches.”  You gotta love it.

With this in mind, let me tell you about Eileen and Tony Caravello, the owners of Port Of Prints. I have known them for several years now through our memberships in local networking groups in the area. They are wonderful, community loving, hard-working people. In fact, you will know when Eileen is in the building. She’s always got a funny story and laughter follows her.

In fact, Port of Prints has been in business locally for 10 years.

Port Of Prints Promotional SolutionsEileen and Tony Caravello waiting to greet you.

Port Of Prints Promotional Solutions

First, let’s talk about the types of items Port Of Prints handles.

  • Ad specialty items
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Custom Screen Printing
  • Embroidered apparel
  • Art services
  • Gimme caps
  • Wedding items
  • Executive gifts
  • Fundraising items
  • Special Event memories
  • Souvenirs and gifts
  • Sports Apparel.

Port Of Prints Promotional Solutions

Secondly, these solutions are for: businesses, professionals, organizations, individuals, special occasions, trade shows.

Port Of Prints Promotional Solutions

Lastly, Port of Prints will work with you to determine the right promotional solution for you. They ask all the right questions.  For instance, who is your target audience, what are you trying to achieve, what makes you different from your competitors? And, what is your budget? And, when do you need them?

Port Of Prints Promotional Solutions

Working hard to get your job done.

To put it another way, Port of Prints Promotional Solutions is ready and willing to discuss your promotional needs. Also, you can just give them a call at 727-375-0800. Or you can email them at info@portofprints.com .  Meanwhile, you can visit their website here.

Eileen called me last week to come in and pick up a special item she found for me. A fan shaped like a house (cute). And, she took me around and showed me their work areas and some items they work on. I was particularly intrigued Port Of Prints Promotional Solutionsby this Wedding memento fan and realized I had never thought of a wedding memento as a promotional item. How very smart of Eileen and Tony.

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Port Of Prints Promotional Solutions


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