New Florida Laws Effective July 1

New Florida Laws Effective July 1 2016. There are 159 of them but since most of them don’t affect most of us, let’s just cover the ones that do.

New Florida Laws Effective July 1

  • Property Taxes should drop in conjunction with a decrease in the local New Florida Laws Effective July 1millage rate. 
  • Additionally, the Back to School Sales Tax Holiday is set for August 5-7.
  • In addition, it allows parents to choose any public school in the state to send their children to. (Capacity allowing).
  • Email addresses are exempt from Dept. of Motor Vehicles and Property Tax Collector records.
  • School districts must review their anti-bullying and harassment policies every three years, and integrate rules on dating violence and abuse into discipline policies. (no teeth in this one).
  • Elevators installed in private residences have specific clearing requirements, and will be New Florida Laws Effective July 1equipped with a sensor device that prevents downward motion if certain objects are detected. There must also be doors or gates that withstand a force of 75 pounds.
  • Future Public Service Commissioners will be restricted to three four-year terms.
  • The same law requires utility companies to tell customers of the best rates available. Further, it prevents utilities from charging higher rates by extending the billing cycle. 
  • Newly constructed or substantially improved structures seaward of the Coastal Construction Line are no longer restricted from qualifying for coverage by Citizens Property Insurance (the state-backed insurance corporation.)
  • Prohibits the use of aerial drones from capturing images infringing on the privacy of owners or occupants.

What else is going on?

To emphasize, these laws took effect on Friday, July 1, 2016. Specifically, except for the property tax, school choice and tax exempt holiday, most of these will not affect the majority of us. However, it’s nice to know that our duly elected body works to make Florida a safer place to live. 

Another key point, a budget of $82.3 billion was passed; it includes $700 million for school construction and $203.8 million for Everglades restoration.

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New Florida Laws Effective July 1 2016


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