Luxury Home Sales West Pasco FL

Luxury Home Sales West Pasco FL for the past 12 months. These are single-family homes that were listed for $650,000 and higher.

I know that $650,000 is not considered a luxury home in many parts of the country but in Pasco County, FL where prices are more reasonable than other areas, these would be considered luxury homes. According to Christie’s luxury homes start at about $2 million. 

In our market, that wouldn’t work.

In other parts of Florida, there are luxury homes selling for $150,000,000. But not in Pasco County.

Luxury Home Sales West Pasco FL

Photo courtesy of Custom Luxury Home Builders #2

In particular, what makes a luxury home? There are as many answers to that as there are homes. To many, it’s a place where they can feel pampered and loved, secure and contented. (I would argue that no matter what price the home is, these are important factors).

For instance, it may need an acre or several around it or be on waterfront; it should have vaulted everything, and all the latest tech stuff throughout the home including the kitchen, pools, spas, multi-garages. It all depends on what you’re looking for and how much you have to put into it.

Generally speaking; Luxury Is In The Eye And Pocketbook Of The Beholder.

Luxury Home Sales West Pasco FL

Homes Sold in Pasco County for $650,000 Luxury Home Sales West Pasco FLand up for the past year total 17.  The lowest sold price was for $650,000 for a 4,800 sf home in Gulf Harbors Woodland. Wesley Chapel shows a sold of $650,000 also.

Comparatively, the highest sold price was $1,650,000 for a 6,926 sf home with 69 additional acres. It has 6 bedrooms, 6 baths and 2 half baths and was built in 2003.

Average List Price: $857,646
       Median Price: $749,900.
Average Close Price: $821,559.
Median Close: $725,000.

Average Days on Market: 152
Median DOM 113

List to Sold Ratio is 97%.

*Statistics are courtesy of MLSMFR for Pasco County.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a luxury home, you will get more luxury for your money in Pasco County, FL.  Pasco County is on the Gulf Coast and west of Tampa. In the meantime, call us if you need more information.

Toni Weidman
Florida Luxury Realty

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Luxury Home Sales West Pasco FL



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