How Micro Irrigation Can Help Gardens

How Micro Irrigation Can Help Gardens? It is a low volume irrigation, also known as drip irrigation, that allows you to add flowers and plants to your gardens while saving on water volume.  When used properly it can add to  your landscape irrigation  by putting water exactly where you want it. Especially if you need to water flowers more often than grass or bushes. We use it to water potted plants on the patio and by the front door for flowers and plants that need more water.

How Micro Irrigation Can Help GardensThis fact surprised me but in some areas of Florida, micro-irrigation is prohi- bited for use on lawns. It makes sense though, imagine, watering your whole lawn with water emitters that have a flow rate of 30 gal per hour.  Traditional sprinklers spray at a rate higher than that.

Photo courtesy of Toni Weidman.

Micro Irrigation Benefits

  1. Micro Irrigation is outside of the water restrictions so you will be in compliance even if you water your plants every day. 
  2. Easy connection to hoses or outdoor spigots.
  3. Decreased water loss from evaporation, wind and run-off.
  4. Minimized erosion when water hillside or terraced areas.
  5. Water application efficiency. You can set the timers to water as much or as little as you need.
  6. You can apply the water to the root areas of the plants to reduce pest problems and root rot.

There are three types of Micro Irrigation.

  1. In-Line Drip Tubing. Usually placed beneath the mulch to mask the black tubes. Very flexible and can be tailored to plant locality.
  2. Drip Emitters. Placed in potted or hanging plants to specifically target them. We started using these when we would go on vacation; to make sure our potted plants weren’t neglected. You don’t need to ask a neighbor or friend to stop by.
  3. Micro-sprays. Irrigates more area than the first two. They come in a variety of sizes and spray patterns. Usually can be seen in the landscape.

You can also tailor your micro-irrigation to fit into different sun and shade patterns.  We reduce the irrigation frequency in the summer months when we get our daily rains.

Inspect and clean your emitters regularly. Flush the system every two months to get rid of junk.  Reset your timer controller to adjust to the seasons. Replace your timer batteries twice a year.

If you love flowers and plants in your garden, you will find Micro Irrigation to be a huge help in keeping them healthy and pretty.

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To find out more about irrigation, Florida Irrigation Society (click here), and to find our about our water issues in this area, go to SWFlorida Water, click here.

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How Micro Irrigation Can Help Gardens


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