Rackominium Or Dockominium – What Are They

Rackominium Or Dockominium – What Is It?  I have been seeing these terms around and finally had time to do some research.

Rackominium Or Dockominium – What Are They. 

A Rackominium  is essentially a condominium for boats.  They are individually owned, deeded fee simple storage for boats.

Rackominium Or Dockominium -What Are They

They can be enclosed with climate control; open air;  or enclosed on 3 sides. There are lifts and fork-lifts to take the boat out or put it back as many times as you want. Lighting and security come with. Like a condominium, these are well-lighted, gated facilities. This one is open-air. 

Dockominiums are individually owned wet slips that can be leased from a company, individual, or municipality. Found in all sizes, almost any sailboat or cruising vessel can find one to fit. These are also fee simple ownership and are much like condominiums  all association rules apply to everyone. Slip lengths are available up to about 250′

Rackominium Or Dockominium -What Are They

Sailboats in Safety Harbor, FL by Toni

With all the changes in land use restrictions, marinas are in smaller supply in Florida; and many boat owners are opting to purchase a home for their boat. Having said that: There is some conflict about the selling (by Real Estate Agents) of docks and dockominiums because docks move; and the definition of real estate does not include the word “move” or “movable” so this is an area where agents may want to ask for legal advice.

As always agents should be very aware and get the right kind of advice before stepping into this form of sales. On the other hand, it does appear as a check box choice in our MLS system. Does that mean it’s okay?

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Rackominium Or Dockominium – What Are They


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