What Is A PUD

What Is A PUD? It’s one of those mysterious real estate utterances that buyers’ question when they see it in the MLS descriptions.  A Planned Unit Development (PUD) must be approved through a special process designed to allow flexibility in zoning to encourage diverse land use and development.

In residential use PUDs incorporate a mixture of different types of units: single-family residential two-family units and multiple-family condos or townhomes to form a mixed neighborhood plan which may also include schools, shopping areas, and churches: and sometimes commercial or light industry. PUDs can also be used commercially to allow for different types of commercial/industrial usage.
What Is A PUDPUDs do not have any restrictions on size and can be one small neighborhood to huge neighborhoods that may be larger than some towns–in fact may become town-like. For instance, Trinity in our New Port Richey FL area.

In a nutshell: By using the PUD designation, a developer may not be bound by the normal zoning regulations in place. HWhat Is A PUDowever, the approval process for a PUD is quite lengthy and complex. They must come up with a fully developed plan that is submitted to the proper zoning authorities and then goes to various departments to be torn apart or approved (often with modifications). It can often take years before a plan is fully approved.

Examples of PUDs in the New Port Richey-FL area: Timber Greens, River Ridge, Trinity, Heritage Lake.

What Is A Pud Photos show: top is single family residential, second is a duplex style – 2 family. Third: townhomes. All can be in one subdivision

What Is A PUD? PUDs usually have deed restrictions and a Home Owners Association with a governing board, along with fees; some may have a gated residential area, clubhouses and pools, golf courses, and parks or playgrounds incorporated into the overall plan. A PUD is usually a very attractive area to live in and most of the time can be relied on to stay attractive because of the deed restrictions. Not all deed-restricted subdivisions are PUDs.

There are PUDs that are age-restricted but most are not. Very often PUDs have schools and medical facilities within easy reach or within the complex.

I hope this helps you to understand what a PUD is. If you have questions, email me or reach out to me on Facebook. To search homes for sale, click here.

Toni Weidman GRI
Florida Luxury Realty, Trinity FL

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What Is A PUD


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