Home Off The Market At The Holidays

Home Off The Market At The Holidays

[A] lot of sellers seem to think that the holidays mean no showings and no sales. This isn’t necessarily true and losing even one possible buyer doesn’t make sense.

Home Off The Market At The Holidays? Why would a seller want to take their home off the market?

  • They have company coming to stay and are afraid the home will be too messy and crowded, suitcases everywhere, extra beds, etc.
  • The Christmas tree and all their decorations take up lots of area and might make the home look smaller.
  • They will be away and don’t want it shown while they are gone.
  • They don’t think that holiday home shoppers are serious buyers.

Home Off The Market At The HolidaysI’ve written offers on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and all throughout the season.  Usually the buyers looking at holiday time are very serious. After all who would be looking at homes when they could be out buying gifts, going to parties, and generally enjoying the excitement.

Why Miss Out On A Possible Sale?

  • Usually these are folks who have sold their homes and are under a time restriction to find another home. 
  • Many want to take part in the tax advantages of closing before the end of the year.
  • Some just love the idea of decorating their new home. and inviting the family to visit.

So, is it crucial to avoid showings or would a possible sale be more important?  That is the question that only the seller can answer. But agents can explain to other agents and buyers that you have company and the home might be a little untidy. Most buyers understand completely and may have just gone through the same experience.

We can deal with all of these situations if you, the sellers, just let us know what your worries are. Lack of communication may cost you a sale.

Home Off The Market At The HolidaysBe sure to communicate your concerns with your agent. He/She will help you see that all of those situations can be overcome; and maybe your home will have a sold sign in January.

Toni Weidman, GRI
Florida Luxury Realty, Trinity, FL 34655

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Home Off The Market At The Holidays


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