Curious Little Blue Herons

Curious Little Blue Herons  both in their actions and how they can walk on bushes.

Why are they Curious Little Blue Herons? Living on the golf course at Timber Greens means we get to see lots of creatures; gators, deer, hawks, and many different birds. The Pithalachascotee River runs in back of the golf course so we have water birds too. I call it my wildlife park. BTW, I don’t call them Little Blue Herons because of their size; that is how they are listed in my Peterson Field Guide (I think because of they are much smaller than Great Blue Herons).

This Little Blue Heron decided he wanted to come in and visit. He was checking out the glass light over our front door. Not much room up there but he managed. There were also some bees buzzing around which may have been his real object.

Curious Little Blue HeronsCurious Little Blue Herons


Little Blue Heron later was wandering around on a bush outside the window looking for lizard or bug snacks.  The bush surrounds our air conditioning unit and I was concerned that the unit would come on and scare the feathers off him; so I reset the temperature to keep it from coming on. He just wandered happily around: finally posing on the unit itself giving me a great photo op. He really enjoyed his time dancing around there although I didn’t see him find any snacks.

Little Blue Herons Are CuriousLittle Blue Herons stand about 24″ tall (Great Blues are about 4ft); they are a very pretty slate blue with deep maroon-brown necks, long bills that ware gray with black tips. They feed on fish, frogs, mice, insects and lizards. they are very territorial and chase each other away. They don’t eat seeds or bread.

Curious Little Blue Herons. They do make the oddest noise when they are chasing another bird like an egret or another  Little Blue Heron away from their territory. We’ve named this one Blue Crunky because he’s always chasing some other birds away and makes a crunking noise to scare them.

I think my Curious Little Blue Heron is a cute guy. He has been around for several years now. The reason I think he’s a he is that I have never seen any Little Blues running around after him.

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