African Violet Baby Plant And Mom

African Violet Baby Plant And Mom

What’s the best way to grow new African Violet plants from the ones you have? Or maybe someone gave you a leaf of a plant they have. Well, leaf propagation works best for me.  I cut a leaf from the current plant, always cut the stem on an angle to allow more surface.

Then I put the leaf in a 3 oz cup filled with an African Violet soil.  This soil is mostly perlite and brown moss or sphagnum.  Pre-wet the soil but let most of the water drain off. Set the stem into the soil so that it sits at a slight angle. I put the babies to be in a closed, clear box so they can get light and keep in moisture. 

African Violet Baby Plant And Mom

African Violet Baby Plant

There’s a lot going on here. You can see the mom leaf (on the right, she’s in a cup) with baby plants growing out of her stem. The largest baby has now produced a flower. This is unusual because the babies are putting most of their energy into just being babies and growing bigger.

I love African Violets and find them easy to grow and maintain, and I always have blooming flowers in my home. I’m a member of AVSA (African Violet Society of America), and a local club.  If you want to know more about African Violets, connect with AVSA or send me a message with your question. If I can’t answer it, I will find someone who can.

AVSA is an excellent source of info and if you join ($35/year), you will receive their beautiful magazine 5 times a year. The magazine has the most amazing colored photographs of African Violets and lots of info on growing them too.


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African Violet Baby Plant And Mom



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