Duck Out Of Water

Duck Out Of Water: We had about a week without rain at our pond in Timber Greens in New Port Richey, FL. Timber Greens is a gated golf community for the 55+ crowd; and we live on the golf course next to a pond.

I love living here. We see all kinds of wildlife (besides the golfers who we pay little attention to because we don’t golf). You can get to Timber Greens from either Starkey Blvd. or Little Road. Just take River Crossing Blvd and look on the north side to enter the subdivision. It is gated with guards so ask to visit the clubhouse.

Duck Out Of Water

Duck Out Of Water

One morning before the rains came, I looked out the window to see this lonely Mallard looking totally bewildered.  There was only a small splash of water left in pond and he seemed completely confused. I’m sure he was wondering where the water went.

The next day, the rains came and the pond was full again which made several ducks, egrets, and herons very happy.  And me too, I enjoy watching them.

Timber Greens Country Club is a great place to live; lots of conservation and woods so we have tons of birds including hummingbirds.  If you think you might like to live in Timber Greens, give me a call. 

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Toni Weidman
Florida Luxury Realty, Trinity

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Duck Out Of Water


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