National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day

National Puppy DayNational Puppy Day is not an “official” national holiday, but was started in 2006 by Pet Lifestyle Expert, Animal Behaviorist and Author, Colleen Paige.  Paige is also the founder of National Dog Day and National Cat Day. It was founded to emphasize the cuteness and unconditional love puppies (and dogs and cats) give us.

You can follow Colleen on her website here.

But it also had a more serious purpose. It was meant to point out the horrors of puppy mills and animal abuse. The ASPCA estimates that about 10,000 puppy mills exist.

Approximately 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year. While it is a significant decrease from the 1970’s when 12-20 million were; we have a long way to go.

If you are looking for a puppy, dog, kitten or cat, check your local shelters, check or the ASPCA website.

Take good care of your puppy (all your pets), make sure he/she is spayed/neutered and given shots to keep them health. Celebrate your puppy, dog or cat on this day. Buy them a treat.

Toni Weidman
Re/Max Sunset

As I always say:

Save A Life; Adopt A Shelter Pet

 National Puppy Day


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