A Forever Bunny Keep Them Safe

A Forever Bunny

A Forever BunnyThis was written in 2015, so I’ve updated it to show that Easter Sunday is March 27 in 2016.  I love all the Easter decorations, bunnies, pastel colored eggs, baskets, etc. Children enjoy Easter too. Some love the idea that they can get a chick or a baby duck; or even a bunny. 

A Forever Bunny!

Remember, these creatures need a forever home. Don’t bring them home if you are not committed to keeping them as a pet. Yes, they are very cute, especially as babies, but they grow up just like kittens and puppies and children do. Please keep that in mind before you bring one home.

They need proper care, feeding and housing. They need training if they are going to live in your home.  Your children need training too: how to take care of the creatures, how to feed, how not to torment or frighten.

Have a wonderful Easter with your family. And A Forever Bunny.

Photo courtesy of Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary.

Toni Weidman
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Save a Life; Adopt A Shelter Pet But Only If You’re Committed To It.

A Forever Bunny


A Forever Bunny




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