Multiple Offers Are Back Again

Multiple Offers Are Back Again

I have been working with a buyer to try to find a home.   Their financial limitation is in a very popular price range. So far, we have written 3 offers on 3 different homes.  Each time, we have been told by the seller’s agents that there are several offers in or coming in. Each time, our offer has been turned down.Multiple Offers Are Back Again

There is a critical shortage of inventory in New Port Richey, Port Richey and Hudson, FL at this time; especially for decent looking and well-maintained homes.  My buyer is getting discouraged and depressed. We need to find a home for the family.

Is it possible that someone who offers less can get acceptance. Yes, in certain circumstances. If their offer is based on cash or, the seller may opt to have less of the complications involved in a loan. Most seller’s agents advise their sellers to by-pass the FHA or VA offers.  Or, if the seller needs a certain closing date, and one of the buyers is willing to extend to the date needed. Terms are just as important (sometimes more so) as price.

Multiple Offers Are Back Again but only in certain price ranges.


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Toni Weidman
Florida Luxury Realty, Trinity FL

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Multiple Offers Are Back Again



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