Poinsettia In The Rain In Florida

Poinsettia In The Rain In Florida

Poinsettia In The Rain In Florida and I even went the extra wet mile to get the picture. We Floridians love our Poinsettias and even though it was raining buckets when I looked out the window and saw this beautiful bract. (Actually it’s the leaves turning red; people think these are blooms-they are not).  I ran outside when the rain slowed down a bit and took this picture for you: I hope you appreciate that my iPad and I got wet for this one. 🙂

Poinsettia In The Rain
Introduced by Joel Roberts Poinsett
to the US in 1825. Poinsett was the first United States Minister to Mexico.  The actual flowers are not much to look at; they are the small yellow bud-looking things in the center called cyathia; they do not attract pollinators. Poinsettias are popular here in Florida and brighten up the landscape beautifully.

We love them and buy one every year to put by the front door to greet our guests. Nothing could be prettier, brighter and friendlier.

Toni Weidman
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Poinsettia In The Rain


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