Happy Time Change

Happy Time Change. Is it time for a change?  It sure is, and you better be ready to set your clocks BACK an hour, before you go to bed tonight or you will wake up late for church tomorrow. (I did that once, and it was so embarrassing).

Happy Time ChangeWant to know what the dates are for 2015 DST.  It springs forward at 2am on March 8; and falls back again on Nov. 1. You can put it in your calendar and start  making plans.  Here’s a website with past, present, and future time changes.

Want to know who to blame for the original idea of a time change. No it wasn’t Obama; it was Ben Franklin. He seems to have come up with everything, bifocals, Franklin stoves, and lightning rods.

Of course, you can wait till tomorrow morning and run around like crazy.  Most of my time items change themselves these days but my Mickey watch and kitchen timers need resetting.

Keep in mind that the clocks Fall back tonight (actually, 2am tomorrow morning–I won’t be up so that’s why mine get changed the night before).

Happy Time Change!


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