Staying In The Loop

Staying In The Loop

These days we all, in our businesses,  have to be available whenever someone calls, and we have to know what’s going on with each of our listings, and our local neighborhoods in case of a casual question from our postman/woman. And, it’s important to stay in the loop technology-wise so we don’t get run over by the new, young techies.

Are You Staying In The Loop

Sometimes it’s hard staying in the loop on everything but we try. I’m not sure that I can handle the new 1,000 word blog post requirement. Who on earth wants to read 1,000 words on anything; who has the time? 

Staying in the Loop

I just love this amazing loopy palm tree that I found on Pinterest from, (the link no longer works 2/27/16) no other name attached so I can’t give further credit. But this is a reminder to all of us to stay in the loop.

Toni Weidman

Toni Weidman, Re/Max

Florida Luxury Realty, Trinity

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Staying In The Loop


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