What An Agent Does To Earn Their Fee

What An Agent Does To Earn Their Fee. Many people wonder what an agent does; most think we just find a buyer, maybe show the house a few times and sit back and rake in the money.

Well, here’s the scoop: Mr. & Mrs. Seller, Yes, I am  your agent and, sure, a buyer will come whether through me or through another agent BUT (and this is one of your really big buts), that’s not the end of my job.

Okay, let’s go through this together: I’m skipping the beginning part about the time it takes to list your home, take photos, set up several websites, market it in MLS and on the internet, Facebook, Google+, Linked In, Twitter and the rest of the social networks. This deals with the offers and contract portion.

What An Agent Does To Earn Their Fee


  • First I read each contract carefully to make sure the agent hasn’t added something unusual or harmful to it.
  • I see you or email you to get the contract signed; this involves scanning or printing  and getting it ready for your signature Or an appointment with youWhat An Agent Does To Earn Their Fee.
  • After you sign it, I will scan it and send it to the other agent involved along with your seller’s disclosure and any other disclosures.  I will also have to email it to the Attorney or Title agent for closing. It also goes to my office file.

  • The other agent arranges an appointment for the inspectors and if you’re not in the home, I will be present to make sure the home is locked up, a/c turned up or down, etc. when they are done. This is usually 3 hours of my time.


  • If a loan is involved, I will keep in touch with the loan officer to make sure things are moving in the right direction at least once a week. I will also be the one who sets up the appointment for the appraiser to gain access to the home; and I might have to meet him there to let him in and lock up after him.

  • The other agent will be calling me continually to ask for copies of surveys, elevation certificates, and other things that you may or may not have. If you don’t have a scanner, I will be driving to your home to pick things up….maybe several times to make changes.What An Agent Does To Earn Their Fee

  • If the inspection doesn’t go well, I will be the one making arrangements and meeting repair people. If the termite report shows you need a treatment, I will be the one meeting them too.

  • If you have moved already and there is still furniture in the home; I will be the one meeting the removers.

  • I will be coordinating the closing with whoever the closer is: making sure she/he has copies of the termite report and the insurance binder. She/he will let me know if there are any title issues coming our way, and how we can resolve them. I will set up the closing time after consulting with you and the other agent.

  • If this is a mail-away to you; I will tell the closer and she will make sure your closing package goes out in plenty of time.

  • She/he will email me a copy of the HUD settlement papers so I can go over it first and make sure there are no errors and you are getting the right amount of money. Then I will call you with the numbers.

  • I will attend the closing with you; or if you aren’t going to be there, I will be there to make sure everything goes the way it should. I will also hand over keys, garage door openers, etc.

So now you know What An Agent Does To Earn Their Fee.

Then, and only then at the closing, will I get paid for my job: Everything I do prior to that is done free so if the deal doesn’t close: I have worked free of charge.


So that is What An Agent Does To Earn Their Fee.


Toni Weidman

Toni Weidman

Broker Associate

Florida Luxury


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What An Agent Does To Earn Their Fee


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