Golden Rain Tree In Florida

Golden Rain Tree In Florida: Beautiful But Messy

Golden Rain Tree: We were out and about yesterday; showing homes, and came across this magnificent Golden Rain Tree. This one covers the entire backyard of the gray home (it’s their tree) and part of the home next door. The owner was outside and was very happy to answer our questions.

Golden Rain Tree In Florida

Golden Rain Tree In Florida

This Golden Rain Tree in Florida was started as a twig 23 years ago (they grow fast). Blooms every three years (which I have been unable to confirm) and grows like a weed wherever the seeds drop. In fact, she offered us some starters which we politely said no to. I live on a golf course and wouldn’t they love that popping up everywhere!

I Googled the tree and found out it’s originally from India. It grows to about 35 to 40 feet tall and can spread 35 feet wide. Check the info out here. It is considered an Invasive plant. Too bad, it’s beautiful.

Golden Rain Tree In Florida: Beautiful But Messy

I read some of the comments about the tree, many were not complimentary especially from neighbors. The tree drops dead flowers everywhere and seeds fly all over and grow where they land. Someone said she spends the entire summer digging up baby Golden  Trees. If someone offers you a baby, think twice before you plant it.

But this Port Richey, FL  Golden Rain Tree Is Magnificent. I wanted to take the picture from full front but couldn’t get that one without walking through an uncut field… something you never want to do in Florida especially in sandals.

 This Florida Moment brought to you by the Florida plant lady.

Toni Weidman, Re/Max Sunset

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Golden Rain Tree In Florida


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