Pinterest Random Observations

Pinterest Random Observations: I conducted an unofficial survey on Pinterest for the last few weeks after joining and trying to figure out how it works. (Just for fun). These are my conclusions.

My Pinterest Random Observations. Tons of people will pin your pins or repin ones that you pin. But few will follow you based on that. It is called a social network but hardly anyone comments on anything. People don’t “chat”.

What are the most popular pins? Anything and everything chocolate. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you cover it in chocolate, it will get re-pinned like crazy. Anything Beach Home related, Christmas, Halloween; my classic cars board is taking off right now. Of course, cats, dogs, horses too.

Follow my Chocolate Board on Pinterest.
Follow Toni Weidman Realtor’s board Chocolate Fascination on Pinterest.//

 Anything to do with food, cooking and eating is extremely popular. Gardens, Technology boards are just lukewarm. And, health items, weight loss and DIY. 

**I wrote this in 2014, since then my Tech and Social Media boards have gotten popular too.

Now, this is official results from an infographic by Dashburst

  • There are 70 million Pinterest users, 500,000 business accounts.
  • 9 million Pinterest users have connected to their Facebook accounts.
  • 80% of Pinterest participants are female.
  • 5 million average daily pins
  • 60% of Pinterest users are from the US.
  • Delicious is the most followed board on Pinterest
  • Joy Cho is the most popular Pinterest user with 13.8 million followers.

 You can have more than one Pinterest account; you just have to use a different email address.

Back to my unofficial survey: I have had approximately 100 re-pins of this pin. Go figure.

Pinterest Random Observations

It does sound good and I love Avocados.

And I find myself liking Pinterest too.

Toni Weidman
Florida Luxury Realty

Adopt A Pinterest Person; preferable me!

Pinterest Random Observations



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