On The River -Holiday, FL

On The River -Holiday, FL

How we ended up On The River; we had an appointment to interview with a seller on Saturday morning; after spending an hour with him; we then headed to Home Depot to buy a new ceiling fan since one of ours died.

The weather was just wonderful, low humidity, a lovely breeze, only about 78. The perfect day to have lunch on the outdoor patio at Ms. Vicki’s On The River in Holiday. Ms. Vicki’s is situated next to Anclote Marina with Anclote Beach Park to its north. The view is worth the ride and since we were down that way anyway……

What is this odd-looking thing on the dock?

On The River -Holiday, FLHe was sleeping and some boat people pulled in and woke him up.

On The River -Holiday, FLThere were lots of other things to watch.
To see more river photos, click here.

On The River -Holiday, FL On The River-Holiday, FL

We really enjoyed our lunch, the food was excellent, and we had live music along with birds and boats and water.

To search homes for sale; click here.

Toni Weidman, GRI
Florida Luxury Realty
Trinity, FL 34655

Please spay/neuter your pets and support your local shelters.

tea party

A lovely day On The River -Holiday, FL


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