Secrets Of A Smooth Move

Secrets Of A Smooth Move

Moving can be so traumatic and people tend to underestimate the time it takes to get everything done. What are the Secrets Of A Smooth Move?

Get Organized  Secrets Of A Smooth Move

  • Go through and get rid of things you don’t want.
  • Start Early – don’t assume you have all the time in the world; things happen. Most people think it can be done in a week or two.
  • Use a notebook and keep your receipts, notes, and important docs in it. Keep an inventory list of things packed.
  • Start looking  for a moving company right away. It’s important to know you can depend on them when you need them.

Start Packing Now

  • To begin with start getting boxes for packing: you can save money by going to stores and asking for boxes. Many stores will give you boxes, in fact Wal-Mart puts them in a specific spot early in the morning. You should be there by 7am or 7:30 to get them. Liquor stores have great boxes for your liquor and your stemware.
  • Fill your boxes at 50 pounds or less. The movers will love you.
  • In particular, wrap your breakables in towels, sheets, pillowcases, even clothes can be used. Use socks (clean ones) too for stemware.
  • Use hampers, baskets, laundry baskets and suitcases. I’ve even used pocketbooks.
  • Protect your mirrors with masking tape in an X.
  • Mark your boxes with different color marking pens for each room. (I have to admit to never being this organized).
  • Specifically, put red masking tape on the boxes you need to open immediately. 
  • Without doubt this is smart, I came across this idea the other day and it makes sense. Put your cooking items, coffee pot, medications, cutlery in those red-marked boxes. Sheets and towels too.
  • Designate a room to packed boxes. Even the garage will work.
  • In other words, start preparations early. You will find it less stressful in the long run.

Secrets Of A Smooth Move starting to make more sense now?

I’ve moved lots of times and find these tips to be the best. Equally important is moving with pets; and it is a whole ‘nother blog.

These are some of MY Secrets Of A Smooth Move.

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Toni Weidman, RealtorToni Weidman
Florida Luxury Realty, Trinity


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 Secrets Of A Smooth Move


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