Happy Mother's Day To All Moms

Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrate our Mothers with a Happy Mother’s Day.  Everyone has or had one so celebrate! Mom’s are such great friends and supporters; their kid is always the best, brightest, best looking and they will tell that to everyone who listens (and even if you don’t). 

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom. I know there’s a big party going on in heaven for all the Moms.

Take a Mom (preferably yours) to lunch or dinner, buy her a wonderful present (if you can), or just give her a kiss and a thank you. She will love that too. We used to take Craig’s Mom out to eat and she enjoyed it very much.

This is one of my African Violets called  Ness’ Midnight Fantasy, it sported to this lovely flower and if it runs true through 3 generations I will name it Marie after my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day

Have a great day whatever you do.

 Happy Mother’s Day To You and Your Mom.

Toni Weidman, GRI
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Florida Luxury Realty
Trinity, FL 34655

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