Swans Gone Wild In Lakeland, FL

Swans Gone Wild In Lakeland, FL

Swans Gone Wild in LakelandThere’s a fantastic car show held each year during the summer in Lakeland, FL. all around the downtown area. Lakeland is not within my selling area but we do go to the car show and appreciate some of the pretty scenery. Lakeland is closer to the middle of the state and is the chain of lakes area of Florida which is so beautiful. You can check out the Lake Mirror Classic Car Show here.

 These statues grace the downtown area of Lakeland, FL

Swans Gone Wild

King Swan
Swans Gone Wild

A swan of a different color, many colors.

  Swans Gone Wild

  The real deal. These swans gone wild are actually very tame.

Swans Gone Wild

This is a spectacular concourse car show with very old and expensive cars on display all around Mirror Lake. There’s also a contest for the drivers of the real antiques; they dress in costumes of the period of their cars. We love car shows and this one is one of the best.  Of course, all those swans help too.

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Toni and Craig Weidman

Craig and Toni Weidman

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I love Florida! Come visit the Swans Gone Wild in Lakeland, FL.


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