Heartbleed -Not Good For Your Computer

Heartbleed -Not Good For Your Computer

The early morning news had a segment about  the Heartbleed bug. This bug has been floating in our computers for at least the last few years. Heartbleed makes us vulnerable to hacking because it records your passwords even if they are encrypted. Heartbleed was just discovered a little over a week or two ago.

Heartbleed -Not Good For Your ComputerAnd,  to make you feel really good: some of the biggest sites like Yahoo, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix are infected.

There seems to be a patch available to fix it but if the vulnerable sites mentioned above haven’t updated their sites yet; don’t bother changing passwords. It will just find your new one.

Mashable.com has lots of information about Heartbleed. And you can go to LastPass.com to check the URL of any site you go to; the search is free. It will tell you if the site is safe from Heartbleed. LastPass stands for the last password you will have to remember.

At this time, there doesn’t seem to be any way that the bug can be checked to see if has been  using your information for the last two years.  After you check the site’s URL on LastPass and find that the site is Heartbleed free, that’s the time to change your password. You can also read more about it here.  This site is cnet and will tell you which sites have already patched Heartbleed.

And you should read about it. There will be lots more information about it coming to a news room near you.

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Heartbleed -Not Good For Your Computer.


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