Hawks In Timber Greens,New Port Richey FL

Hawks In Timber Greens New Port Richey, FL. Our Red-shouldered Hawks came to visit again. The first picture is Mr. Hawk who was on our outside light, it was raining earlier and he looks a little damp.

Hawks in Timber Greens-Both Male and Female

Hawks in Timber Greens-New Port Richey FL
Meanwhile, I think this is Mrs. Hawk because she’s darker than him with less pretty white and brown spots on front. She was sitting up in the tree, looking down at my cat on the porch. I think she was contemplating a snack. She stayed there quite a while too (even when I went out to take her picture after putting the cat in the house). She just gave me that Hawk-eye and then decided I was much too big for her to eat.

Hawks In Timber Greens -New Port Richey, FL
We live in Timber Greens on the golf course. It’s a 55+, gated and  guarded golf community. It’s  beautiful and just like living in a wildlife park. We see deer, all types of birds, raccoons, and even an alligator at our pond.

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Hawks In Timber Greens,New Port Richey FL


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