Sunset Beach – Tarpon Springs, FL

Sunset Beach – Tarpon Springs, FL

During the winter, I took this picture of Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs, FL. A happy beach walker was walking through but I didn’t see him till I uploaded my pictures. We enjoy walking the beaches in the winter. They have a different quality then and it’s much quieter and very peaceful.

Sunset Beach – Tarpon Springs, FL

Sunset Beach - Tarpon Springs

As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the prettiest beaches in our area and this was a cold and windy but bright sunny day. Even a cold day at the beach is a good day! The submerged property  was donated to the City of Tarpon Springs by Nick and Irene Nicholas in 1926. The City then created Sunset Beach.
Sunset Beach - Tarpon Springs

If you know anything about Tarpon Springs, FL., it is probably the Sponge Docks and the quirky shopping area there. There are so many delicious Greek and seafood restaurants, you can’t possibly leave hungry. And the shopping is fun and fantastical. It’s always busy and lots of tourists hit the Sponge Docks as part of their must-see list.

Also a busy area in the downtown area of Tarpon Springs. Lots of antique shops, and a great mixture of place to eat.

Lots of festivals and fairs happen in both the Sponge Docks and the downtown Tarpon Springs:there’s the Fine Arts Festival in April, Oktoberfest,the Cancer Car Show, and, of course, my car club’s Autos for Autism in March (our classic car show) and they are always busy. It’s a great place to spend a Saturday or Sunday.

In contrast, Sunset Beach is a special spot and is always peaceful, located just south of Howard Park.  You can drop in for concerts on Thursday evenings during the summer. Nick and Irene might join you.

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Sunset Beach – Tarpon Springs


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