Happy Be Late Day

Happy Be Late Day to you. Did the sun shining in your eyes wake you? Did you get up at 7am and find out it was 8? Were you stampeded on your way into church by the folks leaving (the ones who got there on time)? Is your stomach protesting because it doesn’t think it’s time to eat yet?   Did the sun shining in your eyes wake you?Happy Be Late Day

It’s our semi-annual Daylight Saving Time Change Day. According to experts (whoever they are), we can expect to suffer some “minor” issues for about 3.5 days until our bodies re-adjust. I find it takes about 5 days for my minor issues to shake the whole change thing..

What I would like is that the powers that be would choose one or the other,  Except I do like the longer daylight hours. Just choose it and stick with it. Then we wouldn’t have to go through this torture-twice a year. We wouldn’t be an hour late or an hour early, we could eat on a normal schedule, and we wouldn’t worry about Happy Be Late or Happy Be Early Days.

Happy Be Late Day!

Toni Weidman, GRI
Broker Associate
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Happy Be Late Day


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