Watch The Birdie At Animal Kingdom

Watch The Birdie At Animal Kingdom. If you love animals, you must go.

[W]atch The Birdie at Animal Kingdom and enjoy a place that Craig and I enjoy walking through; especially the tiger exhibit and the aviary in Animal Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando. The gorillas are magnificent.

On our last trip we got to see this colorful  pigeon posing on the fountain. It was about 78 degrees and he obviously was cooling down. Smart, very smart!

Watch The Birdie At Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is not as large a theme park as some of the other Disney parks but for an early morning leisurely stroll, it’s wonderful.  And big plans are underway to expland Animal Kingdom in the near future.  If you go, don’t run from one exhibit to another, take time to really appreciate the things you can find there. We also love the tiger and gorilla exhibits. And the bird show is amazing.

If you are thinking of moving to the Tampa area in Florida,  we can help. Click to search properties available. Tampa is only just under a 2 hour ride to Disney World. We go often.

Toni and Craig Weidman
Broker Associate

Toni and Craig Weidman

Florida Luxury Realty
Trinity, FL 34655

Save A Life; Adopt A Shelter Pet

Watch The Birdie-Animal Kingdom


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