Holiday Baking With The Kids – Stay Safe

Holiday Baking With The Kids–Keep Them Safe

I think all kids love to  bake with Mom or Grandmom and what great memories they make too. (My mother-in-law asked that my son call her Grandmom to differentiate the Holiday Baking With The Kids - Stay Safegrandmas. I’m not sure why because my Mom was Nana).  Besides being a fun way to teach them math and chemistry;  Add safety to the list too.

Holiday Baking with the kids

  • Be sure that all hands are thoroughly washed before starting.
  • If you hear a sneeze or cough, all bets are off and hand-washing starts again.
  • Make sure that long hair is tied out of the way of food and mixers.
  • Keep the sharp knives and tools in a safe place until one is needed.
  • Don’t ever throw sharp implements in soapy water together. Keep them separate for safe washing.
  • Always have hot mitts and pads available.
  • Keep pot handles from sticking out on the stove where a child (or adult) can bump them.
  • Do make it fun, try not to let the panic show.
  • Stay involved  in a background way in case help is needed.

Of course, the memories of helping to bake those wonderful cookies will stay with your kids forever. And, what’s really neat is that they will pass it along to their kids!

Holiday Baking with the kids
These guys look so good.

I loved baking with my son at the holidays. Those times don’t last as long as you might wish as the kids grow up, but, enjoy them while they’re here. The best of times.

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Holiday Baking With The Kids–Keep Them Safe